PSYCHOLOGY – The branch of psychology that interfaces with the legal and justice systems.

Forensic Psychologists Pty Ltd commenced in 2012 to be a one stop shop for lawyers, insurers, as well as people in need of legal and/or psychological assistance. We have a team of female and male Forensic and Clinical Psychologists.

Forensic Psychologists Pty Ltd provides services in various branches of psychology across Australia including:

  • Preparation of forensic assessment court reports for the NSW Local (including s14 assessment reports), District, Supreme Courts. Includes reports for bail applications and the CCA
  • Attendance at court – Cross examination and subject matter expert opinions
  • Child Protection assessments, including Restoration, Relative Kinship and Foster Care Reviews and Contact reinstatement/review
  • Workers Compensation (including SIRA approved treatment and independent assessments of malingering)
  • Fitness to stand trial assessments
  • Drug Rehabilitation – including individual and group programs
  • AVL assessments and treatment
  • Immigration/Department of Home Affairs assessments (including risk of recidivism and character assessments)
  • Organisational including EAP (Employee Assistance Program) services and Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Individual and Group Counselling (including under VCT, Medicare, Workers Compensation and self funding)
  • Supervision of Provisional Psychologists
  • Delivery of CLE modules

Forensic Psychologists Pty Ltd’s mission is to:   Impart Empathy, Ensure Human Rights and Deliver Integrity